Albany, New York

Commissioned May 1, 1944, the USS Slater DE-766

During World War II, 563 Destroyer Escorts battled Nazi U-Boats on the North Atlantic to protect men and supplies. In the Pacific, the Destroyer Escorts were first in line to defend naval task forces from Kamikaze attacks.

The dinner table can be converted into an operating table in case of emergency.

The Mark 10 hedgehog projector was designed to fire 24 projectiles at a submarine. World War II sonar scanned only ahead so contact was always lost when a DE got over the target to drop depth charges. The hedgehog projector solved this problem by firing the depth charges ahead of the ship. The projectile head carries a contact fuze and will only explode if it directly hits something. The charge consists of 30 pounds TNT.

To sleep, the crew would strap themselves into the bunk to keep from falling out while the ship was hit by high winds and waves.

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