Photographs, Coins (American) 1930 - 1950

Various coins and photographs (American) 1930 - 1950, Oproot Collection


Made of steel and coated with zinc, this uncirculated magnetic 1943 steel penny was made to save copper for shell casings during World War 2.

The Mercury dime gained its name from the depiction of the young Liberty goddess wearing a winged cap. The depiction was confused with the Roman god Mercury.

Invention wins $25 cash award. Richard R. Cosby

Invention of a turbine bearing puller, which has saved 50 ball bearings and 200 man hours during the past six months on this field alone won for Richard R. Cosby of Brownwood, Texas, senior aircraft machinist at Eagle Pass Army Air Field, a $25 cash award from the War Department.

Mr Cosby's device is a mechanical improvement in the link trainer, used to teach instrument flying to aviation students all over the world. The high-powered operation of a link trainer engine at 7000 revolutions a minute and the inability to extract its ball bearings, once installed, for frequent cleaning, reduced the life of the bearing to a mere 200 hours.

Faced with the difficult problem of replenishing his supply of bearings and at the same time keeping the field's link trainers in operation at all times, Mr. Cosby invented and constructed the turbine bearing puller which extracts the bearings from the turbine engine for thorough cleaning. This procedure lengthened the life of the bearing to more than 1,000 hours and kept the link trainers in uninterrupted operation for a longer period.

1949 - Jesse D and Doris K Graves Dobson moved to 311 Cottonwood Avenue in Midland, Texas

1940s - Midland, Texas, Gang Pusher for The Superior Oil Company

1940s - Otis Chalk Ranch, Texas, Children playing near oil field (background)

Map of Texas Oil Boomtowns, Texas State History Museum

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