Seattle, Bellevue, Snoqualmie Falls, Washington

Jet takeoff from Austin

Flying through San Francisco International Airport, San Mateo bridge

Seattle Space Needle

Stroll through downtown Bellevue

The Snowflake Lane Christmas Parade includes live toy soldier drummers, music and snow fall.

Snoqualmie Falls

City of Snoqualmie, Washington

Seattle - Pike Place Market opened in 1907

1912 Pike Place. The original Starbucks coffee shop (founded 1971) started a chain that operates 23,000+ locations worldwide.

The Monorail Man


A mountain rises above the clouds

Solar farm

Mono Lake

Jet takeoff from Seattle Washington (Seattle-Tacoma International Airport)

Travelling 1897 miles in 3.75 hours, the B737 averages 505 miles per hour from Seattle, Washington to Houston, Texas. To put the speed in perspective, the speed of sound (Mach 1) is 760 miles per hour. A bullet travels 1,700 mph and an unmanned NASA X-43A aircraft flew at 6,500 mph (approx. Mach 9.2) in 2004.

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