Hamilton Pool Preserve, Rural Travis County Park

Hamilton Pool Preserve - Rural Travis County Park
Formed by thousands of years water erosion, the Hamilton Pool Preserve is a part of the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve owned by Travis County, the City of Austin, The Nature Conservancy, the Lower Colorado River Authority, and Travis Audubon Society.

Portions of the trail were given the name 'Stairville' by one of my hiking companions.

Hamilton creek

Leaving Hamilton Pool, the trail is a 1 mile hike (approximately) along the Hamilton Creek to the Pedernales River.

There are a few benches to rest on along the way. Be cautious where you sit, though there is no evidence that 'daddy longleg' spiders (pholcids) are harmful to humans.

The trail ends at the Pedernales River.

Turtle in Pedernales River

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