South Texas Cornfield Maze in Hondo, Medina County

The graying, praying mantis

The 9N, produced by Ford, introduced the first three-point hitch system on American-made tractors, a design which is still utilized on most modern tractors today. The first Ford tractor was the 9N, the first tractor to have both three-point hitch and a rear Power Take Off. The 9N was fitted with the Ferguson system three-point hitch, a three-speed transmission, and featured footpegs instead of running boards. Uniquely, the exhaust was routed underneath the tractor, much like an automobile. Though this one has been painted red and white, all 9N tractors were originally painted dark grey.

The eye of the snail

Logarithmic spirals (growth spirals) are very common in the natural world. The golden spiral is a logarithmic spiral that has a growth factor of the golden ratio (1.6180339..). Snails, plants, and the arms of spiral galaxies can have the shape of a logarithmic spiral.

The female black widow protects an egg sac containing hundreds of eggs.

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