The eye of the snail

Logarithmic spirals (growth spirals) are very common in the natural world. The golden spiral is a logarithmic spiral that has a growth factor of the golden ratio (1.6180339..). Snails, plants, and the arms of spiral galaxies can have the shape of a logarithmic spiral.

The female black widow protects an egg sac containing hundreds of eggs.

Taken on a cloudy day, this is a picture of the sun filtered through clouds. Sunspots are visible on the photosphere of the sun. Sunspots can be as small as 10 miles or as large as 100,000 miles in diameter. In comparison, the earth has a diameter of only 7,926 miles (approximately).

To give a sense of the magnitude of Enchanted Rock, the picture shows people hiking (right) the Enchanted Rock State Natural Area near Fredericksburg, Texas

The magnify glass demonstrates how the lens in your eye works. An image of the outside world is bent through the lens upside-down onto the retina (the wall). The brain reorients the image and perceives it as right-side up.

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