St. Louis, Missouri

Founded in 1764, Saint Louis was named after Louis IX of France by Pierre Laclède and Auguste Chouteau. The United States acquired the area as part of the Louisiana Purchase.

The St. Louis Gateway Arch monument is pictured with a church.

The Basilica of Saint Louis, King. On this location, the first church in St. Louis. A small wood structure was blessed on June 24, 1770. Six years later it was replaced by a larger church of white oak timbers blessed and used for divine service for the first time in early summer of 1776. It also served as the cathedral for the installation of Bishop Louis DuBourg, the bishop of Louisiana and the Floridas, who took up residence here January 5, 1818. Little more than two months later on March 29, 1818, the cornerstone for a brick cathedral was blessed and placed. The brick cathedral was blessed and placed.

The brick cathedral destined to remain unfinished was supplanted by the present stone church. Bishop Joseph Rosati, CM, blessed the cornerstone on August 1, 1831 and solemnly consecrated this church on October 26, 1834. On October 18, 1914, the title of "Cathedral" ceased when the present cathedral located on the western edge of the city was blessed. However, on January 25, 1961, Pope John XXIII designated this historic church a basilica, thereby conferring on it worldwide recognition. Today this is the Basilica of Saint Louis, King; Populary: The Old Cathedral. Plaque erected by Knights of Columbus, 1916, Replaced: 1982.

Part of the Stations of the Cross image series, image I depicts Jesus being condemned to death.

St Louis Basilica

Per Jesum Christum dominum nostrum: Through Jesus Christ our Lord

The Basilica rank of a church is identified by the umbrella and the bell. The umbrella or Ombrellino was originally a sun shade for oriental leaders appearing in public ceremonies. The symbolic use of the Umbrella by the Church was originally restricted to Rome and later extended to the Minor Basilicas. It is made of alternating red and yellow strips and embroidered with symbols associated with the Pope, the Archbishop and the Archdiocese of St. Louis.

Stations of the Cross. Station II. Jesus is made to bear the cross.

The World's Largest Chess Piece (Guinness World Record). Presented and measured in St. Louis, Missouri, the King pieces measures 14 feet 7 inches tall and 6 feet in diameter at the base.

Downtown St. Louis

The St. Louis Gateway Arch is the world's tallest arch. It is a 630 foot monument covered in stainless steel.

Looking up the side of the arch, stars are visible

Visitors are given a view from the top through viewing windows

A miniature arch

Boat on the Mississippi River

Tour of the Anheuser Busch Brewery

Home of the Clydesdales

Tank capacity: 3600 Barrels.

Beer rests here for aging, clarification, and natural carbonation. One tank holds approximately 100,000 twelve packs - 1.2 million beers. If one consumed 1 beer every 2 hours, it would take more than 270 years to finish a tank.

The brewery has 500 tanks.

The copper GRANT was used by the Brewmaster to check for consistency and clarity.

Mash tanks

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